Test Results

Normal Results

It is not the policy of GreatCare OBGYN to call all patients with normal test results. We do, however, send out a letter confirming that your results were normal. If you have any questions about your test results, please feel free to call our office at ___-___-____ ext. ____ and leave a message on our Pharmacy and Lab Line. Your call will be returned by one of our nurses and they will be happy to discuss your results with you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for receipt and processing of test results, depending on the type of test you have administered. If you have not received test results within the time indicated, please do not assume “no news is good news.” Call our office.

Abnormal Results

You will be notified by telephone of any abnormal test results. We do not leave messages on voicemail with any type of result information. We do, however, leave a message asking you to return our call. On occasion, we may request that you come in to our office or schedule an appointment to discuss complicated or sensitive test results. We reserve the right to require an office visit before releasing test results to you.

If you are 18 years of age or older, it is a HIPAA violation (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for us to release your results to anyone else without your specific written consent. Forms for consenting to the release of information can be obtained in our Forms section of our website.

In the event that we cannot reach you by telephone after at least three attempts, or you do not respond to messages left on voicemail, we will issue a letter and mail it to your address of record via Certified, Return Receipt Mail asking that you contact us. If you do not respond, GreatCare OBGYN will no longer be obligated to attempt to contact you. Any harm that comes to you as a result of your failure to contact our office is not the responsibility of GreatCare OBGYN P.L.L.C. It is also your responsibility to make sure we have accurate phone numbers and addresses in the event that we should need to contact you. Please verify this information each time you visit our office.