Disability Forms

Disability & FMLA Forms

GreatCare OBGYN understands the need for patients to have Disability and FMLA forms completed. All forms need to be fully completed and signed by the patient before they are given to our Front Office Receptionist when checking in for your appointment. Any form not completed and signed will be given back for completion. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the forms to be completed.

After completion, someone from our staff will contact the patient to let them know the forms are ready for pickup or if preferred, they can be mailed directly to the patient. We take no responsibility for any forms lost in the mail. Please note that it is the patient’s responsibility to provide the completed forms to their insurance company or employers. Because of the important nature and medical information contained on these forms, we no longer fax these forms on behalf of patients, so please do not ask us to deviate from this policy.

GreatCare OBGYN does charge a fee for completion of these forms, and payment is required when turning them in to the office. No exceptions will be made.

Please do not hand these forms to our physicians or nurses, as they see numerous patients a day and forms can be misplaced.