Welcome to GreatCare OBGYN

Hello and welcome to my new practice!

My new practice name is GreatCare OBGYN and it embodies the goal of living up to one’s name.

In the fall of 2015, doctor’s Schmidt and Patronella announced they needed to make changes in their work lives to improve their home lives. We have had a long personal and work relationship, and I shall miss the people who made Premier OBGYN a great place for me over the last ten years, but understand that the group structure could not support the changes that they needed.

This also affected Dr. Beltramini who is still in the Katy community, but out of private practice and working at Katy Memorial Hermann hospital.

With the support and hard work of Cristina and Beth, Janice and Diana, Lilia and Margarita, GreatCare OBGYN was born and we are in business.

I have been committed to the care of women throughout their lives since 1994 in the Katy area. I love what I do and I am looking forward to this new business structure as a way to continue personal, long term relationships with my patients and the community.

Thank you,

Sarah E Andrews MD